Ryszard Apte

    Klient: Korporacja Ha!art

    Rok: 2010

    Zakres prac: Projekt graficzny, typograficzny, redakcja i korekta, skład i łamanie, redakcja techniczna, przygotowanie do druku

    Projekt okładki książki: Agata Biskup

    The publication consists of two equally important parts: non-fiction novel written by Piotr Głuchowski and Marcin Kowalski – reporters of „Gazeta Wyborcza” daily (Grand Press award winners in 2009 for press report), telling the story of life and death of Ryszard Apte – Jewish writer, poet, painter, who died during the World War II in german concentration camp in Stalowa Wola – and reproduction of his exercise book filled with unique drawings, never published before.
    The most important feature of this publication is that it had to deal with completely unknown artist on two different levels: novel was supposed to reconstruct mysterious and tragic life of an artist, which did not even had a chance to develop fully, and his artistic legacy, which miraculously survived 50 years on the attic of some house in Wieliczka, near Krakow.
    Apte’s works were supposed to be presented in the most adequate way possible, so we (publisher, editors and I) have decided to publish them in two separate volumes: first one, consisting of the novel and miscellanea works of Apte, and the second one – reproduction of the most important and mature oeuvre of Ryszard Apte, namely the cycle of drawings entitled Anxiety.
    The cycle, which survived in full shape only because it was hidden between covers of school exercise book, had to be presented in a separate volume.
    We decided to preserve the way we found drawings from the cycle – drawn on loose separate pages, cut from the exercise book. Fifteen drawings were reproduced on separate pages, which were inserted into specially prepared case, which was designed basing on the covers of the Apte’s exercise book and is its faithful reproduction. The case was complemented by two different tables of contents (prepared by the Author), special table gathering thumbnails and titles of drawings and note from the editor (written by me). In this way the reader receaves the cycle Anxiety in the most unspoilt way possible: he has to decide how to read the cycle, how to bring order to drawings, how to attribute titles to drawings (not all of them were obvious).
    Two volumes were bind together with strap of paper with names of authors and foiled for protection.
    The book is sewn, integrated, printed on Alto paper, provided by Panta.
    The case is printed on GC1 carton, inverted (inner side of the case printed on the outer side of the carton), unfoiled. Drawings printed full colour on offset paper, collected together and inserted manually in the printing house.